Guest Mock the Fic: Demming’s Girl

YAY! We have another Guest Mock from BadFic. Don’t worry folks, its not a season finale mock, but fear not, they will be mocked. Warning folks, this fic is from a repeat offender and is short and makes you want to bang your head against your computer.

Stats: Title: Demming’s Girl Author:The jackall Summary: A little What if story. Rating: K

A/N: What if the cop that approached Castle had been Demming? What if up to Den of thieves Castle had been working with robbery not homicide? What if Castle and Demming met Beckett at the same time?   Based on “Jessie’s Girl” By Rick Springfield. Special thanks to DecemberL. Rose for Beta reading this for me!

As if a Drunken Stupor and Death and despair weren’t enough, The Jackall is back to take you on another WTF-inducing amusement park ride. Now, where’s my drinky-drinky? I think I’m going to need it.

Rick Castle and Tom Demming had been working together for two years now.

Oh noes! Tom Demming is replacing Simon on RC: Drunken Stupor?! What ever will Bravo do now? I guess Simon’s fee was too high. Cheap bastards.

Over that time they have become good friends, Tom even comes to Castle’s weekly poker games.

Someone must be gettin’ paid under the table.

But after their last case something changed between them.

Tom… I never thought… I don’t know how to say this… you’re Alexis’ real father.

That something is Kate Beckett, a sassy, green eyed homicide detective.

On the next episode of RC: Drunken Stupor – Rick and new boy pal Tom Demming come to the conclusion that Kate Beckett is just too much for one man to handle. Special guest, Kate Beckett takes matters in to her own hands by suggesting she’d     really like to be between them. Hilarity ensues when Tom suggests that if she really wants to come between them, she head over to his place on Friday night.

They helped her solve the death of a local mobster’s employee. After the case Demming asked her out and she said yes.

I guess Friday night didn’t live up to expectations.

The problem was that Castle had fallen madly in love with her in the short time they worked together.

Worked, huh? That’s what the kids are calling it these days?

Day after day Castle sat there and watched as the most beautiful women he had ever seen flirted with Demming, during his lunch. He couldn’t help but think about what they do after work.

It’s just a little pervy to think about your friend’s sex life. Then again, you boys do share everything.

They would probably go to Remy’s for a burger, then head back to Demming’s to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Yes. They curl up and watch movies. And then they play scrabble.

Every time Castle sees Beckett look at Demming with the love in her eyes, it stings.

I think that was the drinky-drinky he just spilled on himself.

Why did he not tell her that he had feelings for her when he had the chance?

Because then you’d have even less of a story than you do now.

If he did he so would have gotten her.

I’m not sure about that. Cocky bastards tend to be really unattractive.

He was a ruggedly handsome man with loads of money, she totally would have been spoiled with all the gifts he would have gotten her.

Oh daddy! You’re so big and handsome and strong. Yes, daddy. Yes!

But in the end Castle was alright with it because he had not seen Demming happy since he had started working with him.

This is a hard hitting piece of work. I think I just felt a tear. Bros before hos!

Demming deserved this and Castle would stand aside for his friend. There are always more women out there.

SOB SOB SOB bros before hos, man. Bros before hos.


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