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Guest Mock the Fic: Party

FicSlayerMcG here, with another little gem I found bookmarked with the purpose of becoming mocked.  I should be sleeping in preparation for a four hour drive and moving today, but once I started this, I could not stop.  I’m introducing a new feature in this mock – Fine the Author!

Title: Party Author: Caskett4eva Summary: One-shot This is an idea of how Castle and Beckett get together. Rated T because it gets a little heated, but not all the way.

Beckett hated Christmas. It was so cheery. She wasn’t a gloomy sort of person, it’s just that it reminded her of her mother. How she used to get all excited and decorate every space possible. She was always that tad bit happier at Christmas. So for some reason, it made Beckett that little bit sadder.

One of the biggest things about Castle fanfic I hate is that is this assumption that Kate hates holidays.  Am I the only person out there who thinks she might actually like Christmas?

Plus everyone is extra annoying, and they think that just because it’s Christmas, that they don’t have to work as much.

Boy, remind me to never visit New York near Christmas.  Apparently those damn cops are slackers.

So Beckett sat that at the precinct, working hard as usual, whilst everyone was have a cheery good time. She was typing away when Castle came over.

If I were a New York City taxpayer and I knew this, I’d be pretty pissed.  Good thing I know some political people.

“Come on Beckett, join in on the fun” Beckett glared at him.

PUNCTUATION goes before closing a quotation!!  If I had a dollar for every time…. Read the rest of this entry

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