Mock the Fic: Time Flies part 3

Okay folks, not going to lie when I say we are now at the slow part of the fic. I debated about not continuing to mock this fic,  but I just feel incomplete if I don’t finish a fic, so thus bear with me while we make it through the slow parts of the fic.

Stats: Title: Time Flies Author: HeatXWave10 Summary: Castle and Beckett find themselves in a situation that compells him to quit following her. But, what happens when they cross paths again threeyears later and Castle is hit with a major bombshell? Rating: K+

Dontchca just love how compels is misspelled.

Castle entered the loft to find Alexis sitting on the sofa flipping through TV channels. When she saw him, she walked over and gave him a hug.

“Hey, dad,” she greeted him, “Where’ve you been? You left hours ago.”

Wow, shouldn’t she be at college or something by now?

“Well,” he began seriously, “That’s actually something I need to talk to you about. You might want to sit down.”

Uh oh, he’s about to drop the f-bomb on her, and by f-bomb I mean father bomb.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

“You remember Detective Beckett, right?”

Beckett, Beckett, Beckett, nope don’t remember her.

“Yeah, of course. I was shocked when you decided to stop shadowing her.”

Oh yes, shocked.

“Prepare to be more shocked.

Uh oh, here it comes…

I never told you this, but before I stopped shadowing her, I kind of slept with her.”

Oh TMI. I do not want to know who my dad slept with.

“You what? How many times?”

And why would any child want to know how many times her dad slept with someone? WHY?

“Only once. But, today I ran into her, and you’ll never guess what I found out.”

Here comes the F-Bomb…

Alexis just stared at him curiously as he pulled something out of his pocket.

Yeah I would look that way too if my dad just told me about who he slept with.

It was a picture of Hannah that Kate had given to him just before he left her apartment. He handed it to Alexis.

Wow real classy Castle. Tell her you slept with your partner and then show a picture of the parasite you produced and let her figure it out.

“Who is this?”

“Her name is Hannah. She’s Beckett’s daughter,” Castle answered, “She’s also my daughter.”

Very very smooth.

“Oh…my…God,” was all Alexis could manage.

Wow, that’s classier than I would’ve been.

“I was just as surprised as you.”

“And, she never told you until just now?”

“Truthfully, I don’t think she would’ve ever told me if I hadn’t run into them by accident. Then, it would’ve been like one of those clichés where I’m an old man and some twenty-year-old girl comes knocking on my door telling me that she’s my daughter.”

And we all know how you feel about clichés! Oh wait, Heat Waive was just full of them.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

Run like hell?

“Simple: I’m going to take responsibility and be her father.”

So in other words, congrats Alexis, you are a big sister.

Alexis wasn’t saying anything now. She was frowning at the picture. Castle decided that the best thing to do now would be to leave her to deal with her feelings alone. As he headed for the stairs, she stopped him.

Wow, did I call it? I did say run like hell, and this is pretty close to run like hell after you tell your daughter she has a sister.

“Dad,” she said.


“Can I meet her?”

Nope, never because we are high tailing it to Mexico to hide and dodge my child support payments.

“Of course, pumpkin.”

It was about 2:00 a.m.

Okay Castle, this is not the time  of day you set up a play date.

Castle was still awake, his mind buzzing about the life-altering discovery he had made earlier. Sure, he agreed to be a father again, and he couldn’t be more excited about it. But, the more he thought about it, the more hurt he felt that Kate had gone for so long without as much as a text message

Wow and I thought it was bad when my ex decided to break up with me n a text message, but to tell someone you are knocked up in a text message, now that speaks of class.

letting him know that he had another kid. It had to take him accidentally running into her for him to learn the truth. What hurt was that she had expected the worst out of him, didn’t believe he was capable of caring about something as important as a child. If he had seen it coming, he would’ve been by her side the whole way through. He cared so much for Kate that he would’ve dropped everything if she had asked him to. He might’ve even considered marrying her if that’s what it took.

Wow, a good old fashion shot gun wedding! Now that’s a fic I would read!

But, despite these feelings, he admired her. He admired that she staked her reputation to give life to his daughter. She didn’t have to keep Hannah, but she did. To top it, she was a wonderful mother. He listened to the way she spoke to her, watched the way she treated her, noticed the way she smiled at her. Everything she did for and with Hannah was done with love.

All we lack is a sappy Beatles song to go with that sentence.

He then thought about Hannah herself. A bright, beautiful little girl that smiled and giggled at the smallest things. So smart, so passionate, so full of life.

Oh just wait, I’m sure those terrible two’s will kick in shortly.

More importantly though, she was his connection to Kate—a woman he had never forgotten ,

Too bad the author forgot to take out that space after forgotten and the comma.

and would certainly promise the stars to. He loved how Hannah was the perfect blend of both of them.

Wow, your sure she’s the perfect blend of the two of them and you just met her?

But, through it all, he was sure that this is what he wanted. He knew that this wasn’t a mistake. In fact, he couldn’t be more pleased with his decision. It wasn’t the original plan he had for his life, but whoever said plans were guaranteed to work out?

Kate sat in the rocking chair in Hannah’s room and watched as her little girl slept in her crib.

Isn’t a two year old a bit too big for a crib? Shouldn’t she have a “big girl” bed?

That little girl was her life now. When she wasn’t being Detective Beckett, she was “mommy.”

And I’m sure when she’s being Detective Beckett, she is still being Mommy too.

This wasn’t what she pictured for herself as a mother. She always thought that when she had kids she would also have a husband at her side.

Seeing Castle today and telling him what she should’ve told him three years ago was like lifting a tremendous weight off her shoulders. She had especially been surprised at his reaction when he found out. But, was she making a mistake by letting him be a part of Hannah’s life? Sure, he seemed excited and totally on board with it today, but what if something happened that cause him to get cold feet?

You mean like move to Mexico?

She feared that, if that were to happen, he would just walk out of their lives again.

But, then she thought of who Castle was. Though he wasn’t one to stick around when it came to romance, she knew that he couldn’t possibly walk away from something like this. Just like with his first daughter. Instead of handing Alexis over to Meredith when they had divorced, he took on the responsibility and practically raised her by himself. And, aside from his immaturity, he proved to be a good father to Alexis. It was one of his more attractive sides—a side that proved what a good person he really was.

Kate stood up and walked over to the crib. She studied Hannah’s face, trying to distinguish where each feature came from. Her eyes: same shape as Kate’s, same color as Castle’s. Her nose: Kate’s. Her mouth: Castle’s. Her facial structure: Castle’s chin, Kate’s cheek bones. Kate then began to stroke her daughter’s hair affectionately.

I’m bored.

“If only you were old enough to understand,” she whispered to the sleeping child. She leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She then turned the lamp off and walked quietly out of the room, closing the door gently behind her.

Wow, is it finally over? I was starting to get cavities from the sweetness of the last few paragraphs.

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  1. Your_worst_nightmare (HeatXWave10)

    Wow. Did you REALLY think I wouldn’t find this? This is fucking fanfiction! If you hate it so much, don’t read it, asshole! I don’t claim that it’s good, but get a life and let the fans have their fun. Besides, if you have issues with it, have the balls to leave a damn review telling me that it sucked.

    • If you can’t take the heat, then stay out of

      • You see, you’re the only one who’s ever offended me. I won’t lie, I think the rest of your stuff is hilarious. But, I’m going to ask you to never touch my fics again. If you can do that, I won’t be a–how did you put it?–“drama llama” again.

  2. You know what? This is fucking making fun of fan fiction! If you hate it so much, don’t read it asshole! Get a life of your own, and let the fans of this blog have their fun.

  3. OK, I know this post is about two years old, but I can’t resist: while this certainly isn’t Shakespeare, it’s actually one of the best fics on here. It’s not nearly as bad as the other stories I’ve read so far. This is also proven by the fact that you didn’t find anything to mock in the last paragraphs. Just my two cents…

    • You’re actually right. In the two year since this fanfiction, there was a bunch a very bad author and very bad fic on So much that nearly all the fic BCF had mocked look not-so-bad now. But, truthfully, they’re still bad.

  4. Miss BDC, you certainly have a point! The amount of horrible fanfiction published lately, especially after the season 4 finale aired, is actually quite impressive. It makes me laugh whenever I read another bad story, but it’s also kind of sad that the bad fic outweighs the good.
    However, it does mean we need more mocks!

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