Mock the Fic: Undercover part 2

I wish I had better news, but this fic just keeps continuing. I know you all are just dying to read the next chapter of this fic! I’ve decided that this has to be altverse Castle and Glee. That’s the only way to explain this crappiness and horrible characterization of this fic. Please let it end soon. Once again, you will want the brain bleach afterwords.

Stats: Title: Undercover Author:LuckyLaugher Summary: A serial killer is in Ohio and Kate Beckett has to catch the bastard before he killed someone. Rating: K

Chapter Two: To School

Kate woke up. She looked at the clock and saw that she had still an hour. She took a shower, got dressed and drank her coffee. It didn’t feel normal to have a house for her alone. It was time to go.

Doesn’t she live alone in an apartment? Only thing different about living in a house vs an apartment is you don’t have people above you stomping around. And how did the precinct afford to give her a house? Shouldn’t she be living in a no name motel?

When she arrived at the school, she was walking around when Emma bumped into her.

Don’t you have to check in at the office and get a badge these days? I know its been about ten years since I was last in high school, but even then I had to wear a badge and so did the faculty.

“You alright?” Emma asked.

“Yeah, you?” Kate asked the woman nodded.

Okay, I’m not a huge fan of Glee, I enjoy the show and all, but wouldn’t Emma have to go take a shower since someone touched her?

“Hi, I’m Be- Kate Beckett”

“Hi, then you are the new math teacher? I’m Emma Pillsbury the guidance counsellor.”

Wow, you might not be able to us punctuation, but you sure do know how to insert extra letters into the words.

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

I still don’t know what Kate Beckett being a cop means for her to be a math teacher.

“Yes, nice to meet you too. I think that I’m the one who will show you around until you really start. I think it was Monday.”

Okay here is a free English lesson for this author: “was” designates it as something that has happened. So if it hasn’t happed yet, then don’t use was.

“Yeah, I start Monday.”

“Now let’s put your stuff in my office.”

What kind of stuff does she have? Has she already gone out and purchased a “Worlds Best Teacher” mug already?

“Okay” Together they walked to Emma’s office. Kate put her bag on the ground.

“Now shall I show you around?”

“That’s sound good.”

They walked out of Emma’s office “Have you seen the Principal already?”

Wow, maybe she should’ve done that first before just randomly walking around the school building.


“Then that’s where we start” They walked through the hall as the bell rang.

I hope someone gets slushied.

“You’re not from Ohio, aren’t you?”

Where is this author’s beta reader? After the last drinking game we played and becoming piss drunk, I can’t even take anymore grammar mistakes.

“No, I’m from New York”

“That’s big change then”

No shit Sherlock.

“I arrived yesterday evening, so I don’t had much time of feel the different, but I suppose it’s”

It’s what? It’s hellish? Boring? Don’t leave me hanging like this.

“Okay” Emma said “Here we are” and Emma walked in a office.

“Principal Figgins” Emma said when she opened the door.

“Yes Emma”

“Our new Math teacher is here”

“Oh Come in, Miss Beckett”

I am really really refraining from killing the author right now. Does she not know how to use a period?

“Thank you”

“Welcome to William McKinley High School, we’re glad that you could come so fast” he said as they shook hands

She only came because the author had nothing better to do than to crossover these two shows that don’t exist in the same verse.

“No problem”

“Your classes start on Monday so you have three days to get to know the school, the teachers. If you

have question you can always come to me or any other teacher, and…”

So you’re going to have her just roaming the halls? That sure spells safe.

“Principal Figgins!” A tall woman with short blond hair walked into the office.

“Sue, wait. I’m in a conversation”

Oh lovely, we now have Sue Sylvester in the fic. How horrible characterization will Sue be? I’m hoping for wimpy Sue that will end up crying.

“Those people can wait. I want the auditorium today for my cheerleaders”

I see this is no personality Sue. Oh, and isn’t her “cheerleaders” actually called Cheerios.

“No I can’t do that. The glee club has it today.”

And I even see Principal Figgins is out of character too. I’m guessing this is Altverse Glee. Or maybe when Glee is shown in the Netherlands (the land of our Author) that it loses all its snark.

“I need it. My cheerleaders need to practice inside and the football team has the gym”

Wow! I did not expect whinny Sue.

“I can’t just throw the glee club out of the auditorium. It’s Sectionals in two weeks”

And that last sentence makes no sense.

“Where not done talking about this” with that she walked away.

And just like that Sue leaves without a quip?

The principal nodded with his head and spoke “Emma will show you around. I’m sure you will like it here”

Oh sure, after witnessing that debacle I’m surprised more teachers don’t go running out of the building.

“Thanks” Emma and Kate walked out of his office.

“Who’s that woman?”

Wow! She knows how to use a question mark! Hallelujah!

“Sue Sylvester, coach of the cheerleaders.”


I’m with Kate, wow, that was such a description that I now know who Sue is exactly.

The day was almost. Emma and Kate where in Emma’s office. A man walked in.

The day was almost what? Why does this author keep leaving me hanging with her empty, incomplete sentances? And once again I feel like I am being talked down to again.

“I can’t believe…” The man stopped when he saw Kate. “Emma, do you have company?” he said and looked to Emma.

No, It’s just her imaginary friend.

“Yes. This is Kate, the new math teacher”

“Okay” he said “Hi, I’m Will Schuester”

He uses “okay” to introduce himself?

“Hi ,I’m Kate Beckett, Nice to meet you” they shook hands.

“Emma, I’ll come back later”

Unfortunately, so will we, but just to mock you.

“No don’t go because of me. Say what you wanted to say”

Wow, is the cop trying to spy on their conversation?

“Okay thanks.” He said and turned back to Emma “I can’t believe Sue. She went to Figgins with some weird letter so that they could use the auditorium, today! In our time!”

Oh noes!

“What letter?”

“Some kind of order”

Some kind of order? What kind of order is it? The order of “Sue is Always Right!” order?

“Then I think you can’t do anything about it”

And just like that we are going to lay down and be passive?

“I know and Sectionals is in two weeks! We need all of our time in there”

WAH WAH WAH! Wow this is such a whinny Glee fic. I want to kill everyone in this fic for being a pain in the ass.

“I know, maybe you can get Figgins to use it another day?”

“That’s what I’m going to do” he said “Thanks Emma. Nice to meet you, Kate” And he was gone.

Wow, that’s a stupid suggestion that he’s taking.

“What was that about? What’s Glee?”

“It’s a music group. They perform with dance and singing,” The bell rang, “I’ll show you”

Wow, Kate. Have you been living under a rock?


“I think they practice in the music room now.”

They stopped in the door way of the music room. They sang Give Up The Funk. Kate could not

believe what she saw. It was so good.

Like totally so awesomely good! Obviously KBecks not only is going to be teaching in high school, but she’s going undercover and acting like a high school student.

“Wow, they are good”

“I know”

Like totally!

They stopped. Mercedes saw them.

“Hi miss. P,” now every one of them looked to Emma and Kate.

Do they call her Miss. P? Oh and its Misses, not Miss. Miss sounds like she’s some little girl .Oh, and please capitalize the M in Misses,

“Hi Mercedes”

“Hi everyone, this is Miss. Beckett. She is the new math teacher” Will informed, and walked to Kate and Emma.

And I guess if Emma is going to be a Miss, so is Beckett.

“Hey, nice to meet you” they replied

“So you’re replace Mr Bartens”

“I think so.”

“Sweet” Puck said

Is this Puck’s way of hitting on her?

“You guys are really good” Kate said


“Do you sing?” Kurt asked

“No, that’s not mine kind of thing”

Oh good, she’s not going to be singing, yet. And why the

“Mister Schuester can we sing Don’t Stop Believin’ for Miss Beckett?” Rachel asked.

Oh yes, can we please sing for the new teacher?

“Yeah, sure. Come sit down” Will agreed

“I love that song” Kate said.

This fic is getting sickening.

They sang amazingly.

After a few lines, Kate started to sing with them. Emma and Will joined them and they song it al together. The song ended and every one stopped.

Aww it’s a sing along. Let me puke.

“You are a really good singer you know” Will complimented her.

“Yeah” The others agreed.

Wow, totally?


“So guys, this week you have to find someone, like Miss Beckett, who didn’t know that he or she could sing.”

Oh boy! A project! Hoo-boy.


“I think we did enough for today”

Please tell me that this is fic is almost over.

“Okay bye”

“See you guys end of the week”

“They are great kids” Kate said as the three of them walked into the hall.

“I know.”

“I think I have to go home. Thank for the singing”

Thanks for the singing?

“No problem and thank you for being my inspiration” Will said and Kate laughed. It reminded her of Castle.

Oh frak. Please tell me he isn’t going to become infatuated with her.

“Emma thanks for today and I’ll see you tomorrow”

“You will”

“Bye” Kate said

“Bye” Emma and Will said and they went home.

Is this fic over?

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