Mock the Fic: The Chick and the Surfer part 2

This fic has turned from just an AU to having serial killer undertones.Lets just say that Kate Beckett will ignore everything us women have ever been taught. But don’t say I didn’t warn her when she gets killed and her body is dumped on the side of some abandoned rode in Down Town, NY.

Stats: Title: The Chick and The Surfer Author: AriesOx17 Summary: The blue-eyed surfer meets the amber eyed chick. Rating: T

There in front of them stood their hunky instructor. He was tall with dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and his chiseled torso and arms showing through his button down shirt.

All three, Kate in particular had to fan themselves even though it was on the cool side in Santa Cruz that day.

Well someone is fueling the male ego.

“My name is Rick Castle. Is there a Ms. Kate Beckett amongst you?” asked the hunky surfer.

And if you hadn’t seen that one coming then I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Kate froze; the surfer was asking for her and yet she can’t move.

If this had been my friends they would’ve laughed and tossed me to the front.

“Um, I am,” said Kate before she could stop herself.

“Well Ms. Beckett, it looks like you and your friends are the lucky ones today. So if you want, I can give you a personal one-on-one lesson and arrange one for each of your friends.”

Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?

All three of them gaped.

Kate thought this is too good to be true. He is too cute to pass this up.

Lanie and Madison thought Kate is so lucky to have an instructor immediately take interest in her.

And once again I’m sure at this point my friends would all tell him that they were all me. I have such lovely friends.

“Okay, that sound great,” answered Kate nervously.

Usually she is not the nervous one, but today she is.

No that’s just the feeling you get before you go off with a serial killer who is about to kill you.

Once they had their gear ready, and the surf instructor had setup the individual lessons they headed towards the ocean.

As it turns out, Kate was pretty good for a beginner (she did better than Lanie and Madison) but all three had a great time.

Fun was had by all! The end!

There was obvious chemistry between Kate and her instructor not to mention the flirting.


After their surf lesson had concluded and they returned their rentals, Rick was quick to grab the opportunity.

“Um Ms. Beckett?”

Uh oh, keep walking! And whatever you do, don’t go home with him. He will kill you.

Kate looked up and answered, “Yes, Mr. Castle?”

“I was wondering if you would like to join me tonight.”

Just say no.

Kate’s eyes widened, her day was getting better and better.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

No he’s trying to kill you.


Kate pursed her lips and answered, “Yes, I will go on a date with you, on one condition.”

You don’t kill me?

Rick looked at her waiting.

“Please call me Kate.”

Yes, tell the would be killer your real name. Shouldn’t you go with something more like Holly Golightly? Chances are he’s never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s and won’t know the difference.

Rick grinned, “As long as you call me Rick.”

You better get a tattoo on your rump saying “Rick Castle killed me, and my Social Security number is:” because seriously, the rump is the fattiest part of your body and slower to break down when he dumps you on the side of the highway to decompose. Plus they will know who you are and who killed you and just in case they can look you up by your social, or if you ever forget it when he doesn’t kill you, you can at least check your rear for it. Is that mean it’s a second form of id?

“Deal,” Kate answered with a smile.

They made plans for him to pick her up at 6:30pm at their motel.

I hope they have camera’s at the motel to catch him taking you out.

Once Kate, Lanie and Madison had left the surf shop Madison piped up, “Girl, we so need to go shopping.”

Totally! Gotta be killed in something cute!

“What for? I have an outfit I can wear,” said Kate.

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing what you have in mind…bad pun.

“Uh that dreadful ensemble you wore all throughout college?” asked Lanie.

“Um yeah.”

“Uh-uh girl, no way,” said Lanie and Madison together.

See they won’t even be caught dead in that trash ether. Besides if you buy plastic it’s more likely to stay on you and not decompose.

The three burst into laughter and they were off to go shopping.

A couple of hours later Kate and her friends were back at their motel. She had found the perfect outfit for her outing, a moderate blue v-neck short sleeved shirt with cream colored khakis.

Wow, that’s it? I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that on a first date.

Suddenly time had passed quickly, and there was a knock on their motel door.

Kate thought as she made finishing touches 6:30pm right on time.

Kate took a deep breath and looked at her best friends that were pretending to watch TV and went to open the door.

When she saw him, she gasped.

Please tell me he has the chainsaw in his hands ready to go.

How is it that I saw him only a few hours ago and now he manages to look even more dashing? Oh boy, am I in trouble.

Yes you are, you gotta watch out for the pretty boys.

“Hello there beautiful. These are for you,” said Rick handing her a vase bouquet of pink and white roses.

Flowers for your grave?

“Awww you are so sweet and thoughtful,” said Kate smelling the sweet scent of the roses.

“Ready to go?” asked Rick offering his arm.

“Yes, let me set the vase on the table and we can go.”

Wow, the most elegant thing in the probably dumpy La Quinta.

After making brief eye contact with her friends, she took his arm and they were off.

Rick showed her a good time by taking her to the boardwalk where they had more fun than either could remember. He then took her to his favorite cafe hangout where had they served the best pasta dishes. They chatted about everything under the sun as they got to know each other better.

At midnight, Rick got Kate back to the motel room. They were silent for a bit when Rick asked, “Um Kate, I was wondering if I can see you again.”

Only if you cut her head off when you kill her.

Kate’s breath hitched.

This is a dream come true…he is really interested in me…don’t blow this Kate.

Oh fear not, he will still kill you even if you do blow it.

“Yeah sure, maybe in the morning if you’re not busy. My friends and I are going to sight seeing, I was wondering if…”

“…I know a good tour guide. Well then Ms. Beckett, look no farther than yours truly.”

Oh goodie! He can kill all three of you!

“You? Uh don’t you have to work?”

“Well I actually am a volunteer, and the owner of the shop is a friend of my mother’s. I volunteer to keep myself grounded and humble.”

He really means to find his next victims.

Oh thought Kate, he is one those wealthy young guys who wants to work, what a turn on.

I don’t think its work if you’re not getting paid.

“So?” asked Rick.

“Okay, can you meet us tomorrow at 8:30am?”

“Sure thing gorgeous,” replied Rick in his charming voice.

I am never going to stop swooning over him. I don’t think any other guy has made me swoon.

Swooning before death, sounds like a title of a Richard Castle book.

“Well, I will see you in the morning then,” said Kate getting out the room key.

Before she turned to open the door, Rick did one thing he usually never did on a first date.

He placed his hand on her shoulder causing Kate to look around and right then Rick closed in and slid his lips on to hers and kissed her.

And then killed her, right?

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  1. OH man. This one hurts. A Lot. Thanks for riffing it. It helps.

    Swooning before death, sounds like a title of a Richard Castle book.

    It does. In fact, I’m stealing it for a fanfic of my own.


  2. Your horror story overlay was the only thing that made this bearable. Someone needed to die by the end of it!!!

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