Mock the Fic: Those Jehovah’s Witnesses, AGAIN!

And we are BACK! Back to our normal posts! The whole Mock the Fic Challenge was great fun! We shall have to do that again. Meanwhile, here is my new mock. If you want to start mocking a fic, please feel free to step in and do a guest mock. We always love new mockers.

Stats: Title: Those Jehovah’s Witnesses, AGAIN! Author: stevieLUVSAlex Summary:Castle is running late… JW’s are at the door, he thinks that’s the worst he has to see that day… wait until he gets to work! Kate’s on the war path… and of course they’ll be some C&B love : Rating: K+

A/N: I had every intention of relieving myself from FF for a while,

Damn, why didn’t you?

because I have had NO ideas flowing for my own stories,

That’s a perfect reason to quit Fanfic writing.

and then when I wrapped everything up, I had NO ideas still, but of course FF entered my mind…

You know I think you can get help for this. Please get help for this.

and I am here to bring you an unusual FF… So you know those Jehovah’s witnesses that come knocking on people’s doors… it’s about them… well sort of.

God is going to smite you for this.

Enjoy: D

Oh I’m sure I will.

Rushing for the door, Richard Castle grabbed his keys and threw the door open. He was already running late, and Detective Kate Beckett was going to tear him a new badge.

Wait, since when did Castle have a badge? This is a new revelation. Did I miss something?

She already complained about his tardiness,

Technically he’s not an employee, so why does she care?

accusing him of never taking anything seriously, which he instantly refuted. But this would prove her point, for sure.

Of course it will, because being late to a job you don’t have is a sure sign of not taking anything seriously.

He stepped back, surprised to be greeted by a man and woman, dressed in semi-formal wear, modest, carrying bibles in their hand.

Does New Yorkers get visited by the Jehovah’s Witness often? And doesn’t he have a doorman that would block said attempts from getting into his loft building?

Damn, this was going to delay him by at least 10 minutes.

At least?

Castle had always been careful not to be abrupt when dealing people, it wasn’t good publicity, and he had discovered that his tactfulness and good nature worked in his favor, most of the time.

You mean his charm?

“Hello,” the woman greeted with a friendly smile. She was pretty, average height and weight, with curly brown hair and warm kind eyes to match. She looked no older than 25. The woman introduced herself. “My name is Erin Jones and this is my husband Hamish… we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, and-”

Hamish? Hmm… I have a hankering for ham now.

Castle shifted on his feet. Beckett was really going to let him have it now; he was never going to hear the end of her you-never-take-this-seriously lecture.

Which is very uncharacteristic of her considering he doesn’t work for her!

“I’d love to stop and chat,” he explained. He had always wondered about these people, why they didn’t have REAL jobs and why they bothered people who showed such little interest. “But my ears are tired of hearing the same words. My partner, she tends to pull out the firearm when I’m late.”

Wow, was she PMSing that day?

Hamish laughed. He was a handsome man, looking slightly younger than his wife, with short light-brown hair, and brown eyes, his facial features were strong, and his face was symmetrical. Without knowing him from Adam, Castle assumed Hamish turned his fair share of heads. But his personality seemed no match for his looks; he didn’t stand with the effect that he was cocky or arrogant. He stood with confidence, but

“That’s alright,” he said to Castle. “Erin and I might catch you another time…”

As in he will camp out at your doorstep till you return.

Castle nodded. “Wonderful!”

“Can we leave you with this little tract,” Erin offered smiling politely as she held out a leaflet entitled ‘A new word’. Castle accepted it, with a nod and closed his apartment door behind him. “It was nice to meet you anyway…” Erin said.

Wow, no autograph?

“Enjoy the rest of your day,” Hamish added.

Castle felt a sense of warmness flood through him, as he waved, hurrying down the hall to hail a cab. People weren’t polite much anymore, especially strangers. Castle liked the two of them, they were nice enough, he thought, before his thoughts crossed back to work. How was he going to persuade Beckett that his reasons for tardiness were valid?

He could always blame the Jehovah’s Witnesses, he thought with a silent laugh.

He spent a whole whopping two minutes with them, how late is he going to be

The moment he walked into the precinct, Beckett spotted him.

He hid his face behind his keys, hoping his invisibility coat worked, the one he had told Alexis about when she was a child, scared of the monsters under her bed.

Yes, because hiding behind my keys always works for making me invisible.

“CASTLE!” she roared.

Nope, didn’t work.

He looked up and grinned. “Hi Detective, what a pleasant surprise!”

Shouldn’t you remind her that you aren’t employed by the city?

She rolled her eyes. “And you wonder WHY I never want to take you anywhere, you NEVER take me seriously. You think you can treat me like a book, you work on whenever you could be bothered.”

Ouch, she’s really uncharacteristically pissy.

“Hey,” he cried. “I resent that, I work hard on my novels.”

Beckett groaned. “Not the point. We have work to do…”

And by work she means paperwork.

“Where do you want me?” he said eagerly.

“Preferably, in a body bag…” she muttered as they headed for the elevator.

Okay this fic really has no point to it, does it?

PLEASE let me know if this is semi-interesting.

Not really.

I have plans to actually create a crime…

Really, a crime? Did the Jehovah ‘s Witness do it? Are they really crooks that go out and kill people and hid as Jehovah’s Witnesses and go door knocking hunting for their next victims?

So *fingers crossed* my first attempt in an FF.

I believe you have written other crapfics.

Cause I am NO good at that, but you faithful readers might think different. Go ahead… leave me a review and tell me what you think, rant, rave, love, hate… whatever!

Ps. WHO is the victim? *hint* you know them…

Consider this my review.

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