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Mock The Fic: Wet T-Shirt

Good thing about long weekends is that I get to catch up on horribly fanfics. Lucky me. This one is a new series that I am truly dreading. New Yorkers camping. While I’m sure it happens a lot, I really hope we don’t see it on Castle. Oh and this is also an author who is a repeat offender and has appeared on before.

Stats: Title:Wet Teeshirt Author:stevieLUVSAlex Summary: It’s the CAMPING trip that will change everything between the duo. Pranks… fun… friendly fire… and possiblly C&B fluff. You’re gonna love this. Rating: K+


A/N: I was watching an episode of FRIENDS and Ross had just broken up with Elizabeth (the student) and she threw a water balloon out the window.

Really, we are basing a fanfic story on a Friends episode. I hate Friends.

You could see it soak through his shirt and it got me daydreaming about…

Are you serious?

well, a guy I like, but that’s moot point.


Anyways, I thought I might put the daydream to good use and turn it into an FF, since I just finished the last one. =)

So instead of daydreaming about throwing a water balloon at the guy you liked, you are now throwing one at Castle?

I hope you like it…

I’m sure I won’t.

“You have to come!” Castle whined childishly. “I told Alexis that you’d be there.”

Don’t! Listen to Admirable Ackbar, “It’s a trap!”

Beckett rolled her eyes. “Then you can tell her, you lied.”

Wow and ruin her whole little world?

“Pleeeeeeeeeease,” he begged pathetically.

I see we have digressed back to Season 1 first few episodes of Castle for this characterization of Richard Castle.

“Castle,” she warned. “I have no interest spending the weekend at some dirty campsite, sharing a tent with you, so you can “accidently” grope me in the middle of the night.”

Wow, way over usage of quotation marks.

Castle scoffed. “I won’t grope you,” he said. “Unless you ask me to…”

I really hate it when people over use the banter of season one.

Again she rolled her eyes. “Fat chance!”

“Listen,” Castle said shifting in the chair beside her desk. “I can’t go alone. I get bored. I get restless. I act insane-”

Where did this come from? Why are we talking about going home? Read the rest of this entry

Mock the Fic: Random Morning

Sorry for the vacation we had while we waiting on an influx of new bad fics to be released for us to mock! Hope everyone is having a great American Thanksgiving weekend and a happy Black Friday. To celebrate, I present a new mock! YAY!

Stats: Title: Random Morning Author: ayac85 Summary: Castle has a cousin… and she is crazy… but in a good way! :- Original Character Rating: T

Ever want to fulfill a self fulfilling prophecy, then always start your stories with this.

Author’s Note: so any reviews are still greatly appreciated! and it’s definitely very roughly written… so forgive my horrible grammar and bad tenses…

Wow, I already hate you.

Beckett stepped into the elevator of the 12th Precinct, with her morning coffee, she had been tossing and turning all night trying to piece together the evidence in her head.

So she now stores evidence in her head? I’m sure if the defense lawyers ever found out     about this they would have a field day.

She really shouldn’t gone home it had only one benefit and that was the hot shower and changing into fresh clothes.

I think my third grade teacher is crying after readying the at sentence.

She was about to press the button to go up when she heard Castle call out “Hold the Door!” she pushed the button to hold the doors open and Castle appeared. He wasn’t his usual chipper self, no warming smile.

Aww does Castle need some Prozac?

“Castle what’s with upside down smile… no decoder ring in the cereal box this morning?”

Do they even still put toys in cereal boxes? That is so 1989.

Beckett teased pouting playfully as Castle frowned obviously not happy.

Wow a non clichéd bitter Beckett. I am impressed.

“Priya is in town” Castle grumbled

I see this is another story that is period challenged and has unique named Mary Sue characters. Wonderful! It’s like a Christmas present to all Castle Fans.

“Who is Priya?” Beckett asked as she punched the button for homicide floor figuring she was probably an ex- something of Castle’s that had re-emerge.

And a Hanukkah present filled with no commas!

The door closed and the elevator started to rise up.

Sadly, the Aerosmith song “Love in an Elevator” just popped into my head.

“A bundle of sugar and joy” Castle replied sarcastically

Oh Santa, thank-you so much for this bundle of joy of a fic that this author wrote us and decided to leave unbeta. If only you had gotten me a lump of coal instead.

“Any progress on the murder?”

You mean the murder of an author who can’t use proper grammar?

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