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Mock the Fic: Castle’s new Daughter

Just remember when you read this fic, Pedobear is watching you. Don’t worry, he doesn’t judge. I love how someone commented on everything I ranted about in their review of this fic. It’s horrible. The spelling is bad, research is nonexistent, and why isn’t Detective Beckett arresting the boyfriend teacher? At least this author could read the plea I wrote to all fanfic writers when it comes to writing a story that doesn’t take place in their native country.

Stats: Title: Castle’s New Daughter Author:Spikes_number_1_pet Summary: When Emily Cole a 14 year old girl’s parents are murdered. Castle remembers that Emily’s parents were old friends, he does everything he can to help her. So he adopts her, gives her a home and a family. But will he chatch the killers. Rating: T

The calm before the storm.

It’s been calm for way too long.

I don’t own castle. I own Emily and Adam.
The song that helped me write this Always. By bon jovi.

They should sue.

Chapter 2 one month later

Wow that month went by so quickly.

Diary entries from Emily.


Dear Diary,

Today was a craptacular day. My parents are dead, a random book writer adopted me, and my teacher is having sex with me.

I woke up screaming again tonight and once again Alexis comforted me,

I’m surprised she didn’t try to quiet you with a pillow shoved against your mouth.

I love Alexis, she’s really nice.

So you love her because she’s nice? Really? My coworker is nice but it doesn’t mean I love him. Wow if I loved everyone who was nice than love would have no meaning. Read the rest of this entry

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