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Guest Mock the Fic: Surprises, Hurt and One Guy

Ahh our Guest Mocker BadFic beat me to this story! Grrr. No I kid, I share the love of mocking! I actually wrote this story, got distracted by Robotorgo and accidentally deleted it. Opps. But I’m glad BadFic grabbed and mocked it! YAY! And yes, its another pregnancy fic. These things seem to be popping up more than the Duggars are popping out kids.So here is a Fic that won’t blow your mind like Lost did.

Stats: Title:Surprises, Hurt and One Guy Author: bensonbeckett-svu-castle4ever Summary: Kate gets the surprise of her life. Gets hurt by the person who really seems to like her. One guy makes her world all better. Rating: T

A/N This has been in my head forever! I had to type it so bad! The season finale made me cry…stupid Gina. Oh and Heat Wave is a book! And this fall Naked Heat is coming out! Yay!Enjoy and please R&R!

Just because something has been in your head, doesn’t mean you should subject the rest of us to the crap going on in your mind. I have a feeling this fic is going to make me cry more than the finale.

No, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t meant to be. She had always thought of it but had never thought of it.

Um, what? See, this is why it should have stayed in your head.

To say she was shocked was an understatement. To think something this big would happen like this. And, it had to happen with him.

Why do I get the idea that Kate is once again going to need to be billed as the poster child of the failure of special education?

Kate Beckett stared at the two little lines on the stick that seemed to weigh one hundred pounds in her hands.

A pregnancy storyline: groundwork for some of the worst fan fics ever.


Kate Beckett was pregnant.

Do any of you dummies who write these stories know about birth control? I’m going with no. Kate sure has a lot of unplanned pregnancies. My friend’s 11 year old can put the condom on the banana. Why can’t Kate? Oh. Right. Special ed. Got it.

She had always wanted to be a mother. But, she was waiting for the right guy to be the father. Demming, who she had been on a few dates with, was not the guy.

Oh good, so Kate has just been sleeping around in hopes of getting knocked up. So romantic. If you’re 15.

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