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Mock the Fic: At the Corner Cafe

Be forewarned! This one is sappy and makes you want to hurl from its sweetness and out of characterness. So as a warning, if you’ve been doing some Memorial Day drinking, then wait till Wednesday to read this. Your stomach will be settled by then. And BadCastleFic may or may not have started the Memorial Day celebration early.

Stats: Title: At the Corner Cafe Author: brodie-wan Summary:Castle and Beckett have lunch at the corner cafe and discuss their relationship. Rating: K+

‘We’re friends, right Castle?”

Does she mean friends friends, or coworkers friends, or the dreaded friends with benefits?

“Yeah,” Castle replied intrigued by the question. “Of course.”

Way to dodge the bullet Castle. Kudos.

She leaned forward, elbows on the table, and eyed him intently. “But are we best friends?”

Run! NOW! Everybody, not just Castle. It’s one of those dreaded fics where she’s going to ask if he’s any good in bed!

He leaned in as well, leaving on a small gap between their noses. He squinted playfully parodying her intense look. “That remains to be seen.”

Use this warning now to get all your barf bags ready.

“How so?” she answered, curious.

Never breaking eye contact, he smiled. “One might say we are only ‘work friends’. They might ask ‘How much time we’ve spent alone or even in group outside of the job?'”

Okay how to tell if you are work friends: do you talk about anything else other than work outside of work? If no, then you are only work friends.

Her lips pouted and her eye brows knitted as she considered the comment. “A valid observation. What else might ‘they’ say?”

I swear I hope I never ever see Becks give the pouty face, ever! Dominatrix face, sure!

“They might say that, though we have had many shared experiences, some quite intense, that there still remain a tenuous foundation for a true best friendship.”

I feel my dinner coming back up for revenge.

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