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Mock the Story: Action

I can safely say I think everyone knows my position on Real Person Fanfic. You don’t write fanfic about your best friend getting raped therefore why would you write a fanfic about a celebrity? Just because you’ve never met them gives you no right to write things like that about them. Anyways, this is a story I discovered today while at lunch, snagged it, and by the time I got home, it was already removed. Kudos’s to those who complained to get it removed. Luckily, I had a copy still. Sorry no link for this fic, but trust me, it existed.

Stats: Title: Actions Author: Caskett93  Summary: My first AU… In honor of Stana Katic Happy Birthday Rating: K+

Happy birthday Stana ! Please read this document!

Oh yes, I’m sure she is going to take the time out her busy day filming the finale of Castle to read your fic that is about her, not her character. Creepy. Nothing says stalker like writing a story about a person. The word “Stanalker” exist for a reason.

On this special day, we wanted to make you our best wishes. You’re the best actress in the world and we worship you.

Wow, you guys need help. Major help.

We are a group of Italian girls who love Castle but especially who love to write.

Oh goodie! We have some 14 year olds who are writing fanfic in a language that isn’t their native!

For this reason we decided to send you these three pages of Word written in your honor.

In other words, three pages of evidence to give to the police for when you are arrested for stalking her.

Now you can choose to read or trash, it does not matter because our main aim was to make you our best wishes.

Awww aren’t you Stanalkers so sweet and stalkerish.

From your Italian Fan Group: Castle Made of EFP Writers Federica, Cristina, Marilena, Veronica, Oksana, Ari, Laura P.Q., Giada, Anna, Giorgia, Giulia, Sara, Chiara, Ivonne, Lucia, Claudia, Agata, Flavia, Laura M. , Monica, Francesca, Anna, Lucia e Beatrice.

Is it just me, or is there a lot of Anna’s?

P.s. You can tell to Nathan, Seamus and Jon that are great and beautiful? And to Molly, Susan and Tamala that we love them too!

Wow, stalking multiple people now?

P.s. 2. The last one, we swear. If you read the story, we’d like to know what you think. XD

She’ll let you know with that police report.


Autrice: Sara (Spuffy93/Caskett93*)

Tradotta da: Francy091, Ice_Cream, Laureta1387

Revisionata da: Kate24 (ditemi se mi sono scordata qualcuno)

I have no clue what that said, and don’t care to put the effort in to find out ether.

N.B The facts written in this story are not real (bad luck for us:))


“Kate, stay with me… Kate!” she doesn’t answer, I embrace her more strongly.

YAY! Let’s kill KBecks! And who’s whispering, the stalkers?

“Stay with me.” I whisper once again in a vain attempt to wake her up. My eyes are heavy, it’s too hard to keep them open. I close them and I don’t open them any more.

Please tell me that one of the stalker is dead.

“…and cut! Very good, you’re great. And with that we’re done for today.” Screams Marlowe.

Oh goodie, now we are jumping over to Stalker-Reality.

I feel Stana rising up while Andrew comes to us.

No really, who is this person that is narrating?

“Great job Stana, you were great, it’s perfect!” he says making her smile.

Wow, Andrew Marlowe sounds like a cheerleading coach. “PERFECT! Now spirit fingers as you die!”

I love her smile. “And don’t think that I forget about you Nathan… you seemed a true desperate lover with her woman dying in his arms. You make me move.”

And you made me throw up. Thanks. Now Andrew really is a cheerleader trying to be a director. Is he gay in this fic? Read the rest of this entry

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