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Mock the Fic: Alternate Ending

So we all know the finale was yesterday, and already the bad post finale fics are popping up EVERYWHERE. I’ve lost track of how many fic’s I’ve seen that are their own version of the ending. Here is the first of what’s soon to be many post Season 2 finale fics. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, then don’t read the mock. I will be nice and cut the fic so that it doesn’t spoil anyone! See I do have a heart!

Stats:Alternate Ending Title:  Author: Castle Lover Forty-five Summary: This is my own alternate ending to “A Deadly Game.” Obviously, there are spoilers for that episode. Rating: K+

A/N: So, seeing all the post-finale fics popping up everywhere I just had to jump on that band wagon!

So if all your friends jumped off the cliff you would too, right? Okay whose the ring leader of your friends, I have a proposition for them.

And since “Ridiculous” is my middle name…well…you’ll see!

Your parents sucked when it came to naming you. I’d sue.

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