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Guest Mock the Fic: Party

FicSlayerMcG here, with another little gem I found bookmarked with the purpose of becoming mocked.  I should be sleeping in preparation for a four hour drive and moving today, but once I started this, I could not stop.  I’m introducing a new feature in this mock – Fine the Author!

Title: Party Author: Caskett4eva Summary: One-shot This is an idea of how Castle and Beckett get together. Rated T because it gets a little heated, but not all the way.

Beckett hated Christmas. It was so cheery. She wasn’t a gloomy sort of person, it’s just that it reminded her of her mother. How she used to get all excited and decorate every space possible. She was always that tad bit happier at Christmas. So for some reason, it made Beckett that little bit sadder.

One of the biggest things about Castle fanfic I hate is that is this assumption that Kate hates holidays.  Am I the only person out there who thinks she might actually like Christmas?

Plus everyone is extra annoying, and they think that just because it’s Christmas, that they don’t have to work as much.

Boy, remind me to never visit New York near Christmas.  Apparently those damn cops are slackers.

So Beckett sat that at the precinct, working hard as usual, whilst everyone was have a cheery good time. She was typing away when Castle came over.

If I were a New York City taxpayer and I knew this, I’d be pretty pissed.  Good thing I know some political people.

“Come on Beckett, join in on the fun” Beckett glared at him.

PUNCTUATION goes before closing a quotation!!  If I had a dollar for every time…. Read the rest of this entry

Mock the Fic: Dream

Big Castle Fic would like to thank our next person for stepping up and volunteering to mock a fic for us. YAY! We love guest mocks. If you want to mock ether hit us up on twitter @BadCastleFic or email

So here it is. The mocked version of ‘Dream’ by castlebeckett4eva. I didn’t know mocking stories was this fun! Anyway I hope all the grammar is good, because as much as I wish it was, English still isn’t my native language.

Stats: Title: Dream Author: castlebeckett4eva Summary: Beckett interogates a rapist. But she in alone. Ryan and Esposito are out and Castle is getting coffee. The guy locks the door. Beckett feels faint. The freak corners her. Will Castle save her? Or will the unthinkable happen. One Shot!  Rating: T


Today was one of those days.

What, the kind of day to write a bad Castle fic?

Castle was annoying extra today, it was hot and muggy and there was in an interview alone with a sex predator.

Annoying Extra. Sounds like the title some kind of gossip magazine. New; Annoying Extra! With extra annoying news. Buy your copy today!

Jim Gent was their suspect. Brave females had come forth and said that that was the guy who had pulled them into an alley at night when they                 were walking past, and he had raped them and sexual harassed them. He told them that if they said a word they would be dead.

(BCF: What’s with the rhyming name? Boy did his parents suck when they named him.)

Raped AND sexually harassed? Doesn’t raping include sexually harassing in the first place?

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Mock the Fic: In the Mood

I’m not going to lie. This next mock is filled with all kinds of potty humor. What can I say? I just couldn’t resist. It’s also by a repeat offender too, who is now killing baby seals with their stories. Let’s go with the stats: Title: In the Mood
Author: castlebeckett4eva
Summary: Beckett decides to give Castle a taste of his own medicine, so she teases him by leading him on. But then he turns it around and she is stuck. What will happen? One Shot. Rated T just to be safe. Rating: T

Sporks to the eyes: 2

Puke bags needed: 3

Detective Kate Beckett was in a mood.

Oh what mood could she be in? Cranky, constipated, quixotic, tense, violent, guilty, suspicious…

It wasn’t an angry mood or an annoyed mood. She couldn’t describe it.

Constipated it is then.

She was sure she hadn’t felt this way before.

Oh I’m sure she has, she just needs to eat more bran.

So she didn’t know what to do.

I’m sure any bodega has some laxative she could take. It’s not that hard…

That was until Castle walked into the precinct.

Oh no! This can’t be good.

Then she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Have him go to the bodega for some laxative? Read the rest of this entry

Mock a Fic: Annoying needs a cure

This story has a bit of a history to it. This is the first story by the author castlebeckett4eva and boy did I ever wish I hadn’t. It should have been a warning when I saw that the tile had no capitalization. Normally I wouldn’t touch any stories from this author, but for you I will.

Lets get the stats: Title: annoying needs a cure Author:castlebeckett4eva Summary: Castle is annoying kate (BCF: AHH CAPITALIZE THE NAME!) so she turns up to work in a short dress and high heels and teases him, so hopefully he wouldn’t annoy her any more. But he turns up to her apartment that night. What will he do?  Rating: T

Puke Bags Needed: 2

Sporks to the eye: 2

Chapter 1

“Beckett your suck a fun killer” he said sulkily,

Suck a fun killer? Is that some new sex act? And do you do it sulkily too? Wow, I feel out of date with my sex acts.

after pulling a wise ass joke and she ignored him. She was trying to pack up so she could go home.

Don’t forget to pack up Castle while you are at it.

“Yer well, you should be grateful I’m not all over you like the rest of the chicks in the world are,

Wow, when did Kate Beckett turn into a hillbilly? Is this what it’s like living in Down Town, NY? Or is it Down Town, Arkansas? Is that where you can suck a fun killer? Really? I need to know, I am taking notes.

and that I don’t wear short little exposing dresses and high heels.” he smirked at her and she rolled her eyes.

No Daisy Dukes for Hillbilly Becks? She’s no fun.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind it one bit.” Read the rest of this entry

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