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Mock the Fic: My Season 4 Opening

Not going to lie. I was shocked at the ending, and then it hit me. Imagine all those upset and emotionally distraught wanna be writers who want to right the wrong, and ultimately get it completely wrong. And then I crackled my laugh, and I awaited for the troves of fics to pour into Congratulations WetDry, you win! And I swear, this never mentions that it’s a crackfic. So in that case, I take it all as being serious piece of fan works.

I give the episode a three day warning. So thus you are warned, season three ender spoilers.

Stats: Title: My Season 4 Opening Author: WetDry Summary: Just my take on how the next season should begin. Rating: T

“Kate, don’t die on me!” Yelled Castle.

Oh Darlin’, don’t die!

“Oh, relax,” said Beckett. “‘Tis but a flesh wound.”

‘Tis but a flesh wound? And I’m guessing an amputated arm is just a cut?

She then got up to beat up her attacker.

Okay…super human healing Beckett on the attack!

She smacked him around for about a minute.

Drowning him in her blood?

“Who wanted to kill my mommy?” she demanded.

Yes, because everyone who wants to avenge their mothers death always say “Mommy!”

“They did,” said the shooter, pointing to Ryan and Esposito.

Okay… where is my wine. I don’t think I am drunk enough for this fic.

“No!” said Beckett. “It can’t be!”

No really, where is my wine? Vodka? Jaeger bomb?


Oh God I’d take meth right now if it meant I could forget about this fic. Read the rest of this entry

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