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Mock the Fic: He’ll Never Know

Look everyone! We have BadFic back again wanting to guest mock another story. I hope after the last mock they did that it didn’t cause them to have to now use the  Retard Rocket. So if you have a goat or tree fetish, and like fine wines out of a box, then continue to go and collect $200 from the author of our next story.

Lets take a look at the stats for this story: Title: He’ll never know Author:granola girl 1115 Summary:
Summary: She loves him, he doesn’t know. Now Castles been shot and Kate is scared he’ll never know how she feels. Hours she waits to see if he’ll live,hours she dreams of what thier life could be togather. Will Kate get the chance to turn those dreams into life? (BF: Dreams are much like rainbows: only idiots chase them.) Rating: T

BCF Note: This story is so horrible, I can’t help but jump in and co-mock it with Badfic.

Puke Bags Needed: 3

Sporks to your eyes: 2

“Castle, stay in the car.” I demanded from the my “shadow”.

I don’t know what a ‘the my “shadow”’ is. Is this a rap song I missed while kickin’ in with my ATL Housewives peeps?

For about two years now, author Richard Castle has been following me on a writing job.

No shit! Really? (BCF: Wow, I haven’t been watching Castle, I just thought I would randomly read a story from the show and now I know whats going on. Thanks!)

He wants to see what it’s like to be a real detective.

He could have just watched a few episodes of COPS. (BCF: He could also try Law and Order so that way he gets both the cops and lawyers point of view. Its a two for one special!) Read the rest of this entry

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