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Happy Birthday Bad Castle Fic!

Happy Anniversary my readers. It was one year today that I officially started BadCastleFic. This was back when I was just a ordinary girl who read fanfics, and would go to nightly chats in Robotorgo. It was there that I discovered that my fellow comrades felt the same way I felt, majority of the fanfic for the Castle fandom was crap. Okay maybe not majority, and crap maybe a generous word. A select few fanfics were atrocious . We would throw around links and talk about the horrible fics. One of us even started a site that they were going to put links to those said bad fics. But I decided to be the over achiever and go above and beyond and mock said bad fanfics. When I first mocked Death and Dispair I mostly did it because it was the worst piece of crap I had even read, and I wanted my friends to laugh with me. I wish I could say I was drunk when I mocked it, but alas, I was sober (and sadly working two jobs then too). I was very surprised when I finished it and posted the link in Robotorgo that it would spread like wildfire.

Since then I’ve had this place featured on other websites, repeated in Tumblr, and tweeted to friends. I’ve had people request to do guest mocks, and others send me links to fics I should mock. I’d love to say I have a system to how I chose a fic to mock, but I don’t. I read updates on on my phone/tablet, read the links I’m sent and randomly stumble upon fics that I deem worthy to mock. Some authors I’ve mocked no longer exist, some even thank me by deleting their fics. My proudest moments are when the authors of fics I’ve mocked find my website and cause some drama llama problems. But most of all, I love the comments. You guys are what keep me sane and mocking. I know I take breaks here and there (and if you were me, you would too before you went slowly mad!), but I still love everyday that I find a fic to mock!

So to another year of mocking! May the Castle fandom live forever, and prosper with badfanfics for me to mock! And my the coffee and wine flow forever!

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