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Mock the Fic: Lips of an Angel

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, and if I haven’t then I should have, that I hate High School fics. You know, the ones where authors feel they should turn back the hands of time and space continuum and put our favorite characters in high school so that way they can go through everything that the said author is going though since they too are in high school. I’m sure you all know the fics I am talking about, and cringe when you see them posted on So how about we mock one for a change instead of just cringing?

Stats: Title:Lips of an Angel Author: horsesandpens123(I’m not going to lie, the authors name looks like Horse and Penis) Summary: total AU. Kate and Rick are sixteen and have been best friends since they were little. They also love each other, but neither of them wants to admit it. Rick is dating Gina and Kate is dating Josh. Full summary inside, R&R please. One-shot Rating: K+

Author’s Note: This is my better description. AU.

AU is your better description? Wow, you are such a wordsmith.

I usually write Rick and Kate seven years apart, which is their actual amount of years apart.

And you are basing this on what vital information that has been provided to us in the previous episodes?

But in this story, they have been best friends for a long while. Kate is dating young Josh and Rick is dating young Gina.

Are they pedophiles since they are dating young kids?

But, Kate calls Rick after a terrible thing happens. Based on the song “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder. This is not in the same universe as my other Castle stories or the show universe. One-shot.

Oh good, I’m so happy this isn’t going to be a buck-shot story.

A sixteen-year-old girl with long brown hair pulled into a ponytail screamed at a black-haired boy. She was crying and her eyes were rimmed with red.

Darn, I was hoping they would be rimmed with black, like a raccoon. So much more sexier.

She was terrified of the muscled boy, but didn’t show it.

Oh good, I hope this is another domestic violence fics.

The boy was eighteen and had an apartment, which sounded cool at first.

Yes, boys with apartments are so cool until you figure out that after they pay rent and utilities, they are broke and you will be paying the bill for each date.

Now, it was scary, for nobody was around to save her if the boy hurt or, even worse, murdered her.

It wasn’t like she was living there.

“I thought you loved me!” The boy cried, grabbing a baseball trophy from the shelf. His eyes were wild. The girl flattened herself against the wall. She whimpered pathetically.

She whimpered, like a dog?

“Josh…” The girl said quietly. Her voice trembled. The boy, Josh, advanced on her with the trophy still in hand. The girl slid down the wall and onto the floor. She wanted to go home. She wanted her best friend be there. He would protect her. The boy towered over her, his trophy raised.

Oh goodie, it is a domestic violence fic.

“Please, don’t! I thought I loved you. Please, I’m begging you.” The girl cried.

Do you really tell a boy who is about to hit you with a trophy that you thought you loved him?

The trophy collided with her face. Her nose made an unpleasant noise as it broke.

Should have told him you loved him instead.

She started to sob as blood poured into her mouth and down her face. Josh struck her on the right arm twice, then across the face again.

Geez, violent much? Read the rest of this entry

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