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Guest Mock the Fic: Rockin’ Rollin’ Out of My League

I love it when I have a line of people wanting to guest mock a fic! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I am spreading the snark! Tonight’s mock is by Slayer of Vomitous Fics who is having as much fun as I am jumping on the bandwagon of mocking the recent increase of bad post finale fics. Yes people, we all agree we didn’t agree with how the finale ended, but that is no excuse for the bad fics! Once again I will do a cut early just to prevent spoilers for the finale fics for the rest of the week.

Stats: Title:Rockin’ Rollin’ Out of My League Author:ILUVGREYS-101 Summary: One Shot Post Season 2 finale! Castle’s really leaving for the Hampton’s with Gina none the less! Beckett’s hurt but Lanie’s pissed! Pissed enough to hit Castle right upside the head. Rating: K+

Title: Rockin’ Rollin’ Out of My League by ILUVGREYS-101

You already have a clue: you are out of your league. What does Rock and Roll have to do with it? Also this is CASTLE fanfic, maybe you’re better with the Grey’s fanfic.

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