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Mock the Fic: Summers Over

I don’t know how to describe this next mock. It’s up there with the story I posted for the Mocking challenge. Bad. Not just bad bad, but Horribly Bad. Words cannot describe it properly. But I will warn you, you might want to get a gun and find the author to shoot them, so please leave all shot guns locked up for your own safety.

Stats: Title:Summers over Author: kbeckett96 Summary: rick is back after a long summer Rating: K

It had been a long summer. With Castle gone Kate Becketts days were often very quiet.

Wow, the apostrophe is free. Please feel free to use it.

But summer was over now and she really wasnt sure if he would be coming back.

I’m sure we can blame this crappy author for this crappy fic if Castle doesn’t come back.

She got up to get a cup of coffee when she heard “Kate!” she whipped around and saw Castle himself running towards her.

Like OMG! He’s back! Let’s have a party.

He ran over and picked her up in a big bear hug kissed her on the cheek and set her down.

Wow! That was very unCastle like.

She just stood there. “did ya miss me detective?”

Wow, I’m impressed that you know how to use the question mark. Read the rest of this entry

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