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Mock the Fic: The Elevator Chapter 1

Happy Hump Day! YAY! We’ve survived this long this week, what’s another bad fic to add to the day? This story is one that sounds vaguely like another fic that asks “What Would Nikki Heat Do?” I guess that means that the topic is now clichéd. Yay, another clichéd topic to add to my soon to be published list of: “Clichéd way to write Castle Fanfic!” While you all wait on pins and needles for my essay, I present a new mock.

Stats: Title: The Elevator Author: luvlife987 Summary: What happens when Kate and Castle are locked in an elevator together with no cell phone service? Rating: T

Kate and Rick were sitting at Kate’s desk, Kate was doing paper work, but Rick was staring at her, something that her loved to do.

Her loved to do paperwork? Wow, can I send her all my paperwork to do please? Oh and once again, this sounds caveman like. Me like sitting at desk. Me is writing bad fic! Me is evil!

Esposito and Ryan walked up to the desk, “We are heading home, call us if you need us.

Wow, is this an Espo/Ryan fic? We here at Bad Castle Fic have yet to venture into that territory.

Be kind though, tomorrow is Saturday,

That’s code for “we are having sex tonight.”

if I get another six in the morning call because you don’t know how to turn on the coffee machine I will be mad.”

Le huh? HBIC totally needs her slaves to start the coffee for her. Don’t want her breaking a sweat in those cute little jackets of hers. They are dry clean only.

“Yeah, and please no murders.” Ryan said to Kate.

Damn, I guess that means I can’t kill the author. Read the rest of this entry

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