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Mock the Fic: Cake Crumbs

Happy Monday my wonderful readers! Sorry about the weekend off. But I’m back, in black! I have to admit, this next fic is not bad, but it just has some glaring mistakes that made it hard for me to read.

Stats: Title:Cake Crumbs Author:myboygeorge Summary: Who would anticipate that Ryan’s big news would be the catalyst for a long anticipated kiss? 1st Castle fic, rated T for safety, R&R&Enjoy! Rating: T

He didn’t know when it happened, but somehow it had happened:

Do I want to know

Castle had grown accustomed to the hive of activity that was the 64th precinct homicide bullpen.

So Castle is now at another precinct? Last time I checked he was working at the 12th. So does this precinct have an actual Starbucks inside? I hear it also has it’s own dry cleaning, and grocery store. It’s the mega precinct!

Lost in thought as he stared Beckett staring at a murder board

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to stare? Oh wait, she was probably too drunk. Oh Martha.

– Miriam Borden had been found dead in an apartment that wasn’t the one she shared with her husband

Opps, busted!

– he plotted exposition in the back of his brain as other officers brought in next-of-kin,

He is plotting exposition? What is he doing, writing an essay?

witness, even cuffed suspects who bellowed obscenities between the words ‘innocent’ ‘wrong guy’ and ‘lawyer.’

I sure hope they were four letter fun words!

Then again, Castle was fairly certain he could block out nuclear war when he watched his favourite brunette work her investigative magic.

Only if he takes his Ritalin.

Her hair was slightly dishevelled from pulling her fingers through,

Please spell disheveled correctly, otherwise I’m just going to have to believe Castle made her hair look like that!

as though follicle tension would help her concentrate,

Follicle tension? Really? Sounds dirty! Read the rest of this entry

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