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Mock the Fic: First Kiss

This one is bad and sappy. BAD! It has continuity problems, and kissing. So everyone get your puke bags ready for this one. It takes place after Tick Tick Tick and Boom.

Stats: First Kiss Author: Nev827 Summary: My version of how Castle & Beckett’s first kiss will happen. Rating: K+

Puke Bags: 2

Sporks: 2

Castle walked Beckett to the front door of his spacious apartment.

Have you seen how much crap he has in that apartment? I would hardly call it spacious.

While he wanted to be a gentleman, he couldn’t help but notice how radiant she looked, despite what she’d been through the last few days and despite the fact that they had stayed up well past midnight talking.

I’m sure that’s not the first time she’s stayed up past midnight. She is HBIC.

He wanted to spend more time with her, make extra sure she was okay, but he also didn’t want to add to her emotional burden.

Yes because we all know how much of an emotional burden Castle can be.

They both stood by the front door, briefly not knowing what to say to each other. Thankfully, Beckett finally broke the ice.

That’s because she’s HBIC.

“Thank you for last night, Castle. It was –,” her voice seemed to catch in her throat and, for a moment, Castle thought he saw her eyes begin to tear up. But she fought it back.

She’s crying? That is not HBIC like. Who is this impostor and what has she done with our HBIC?

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