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Mock the Fic: Caslte tells Beckitt how he really feels (not my misspelling)

I’m such a bad person. I couldn’t resist mocking another one of Noelle’s fics. Get the barf bags ready, you will need them for this one.

Stats: Title:Caslte tells Beckitt how he really feels (BCF: that is not my misspelling!) Author: Noelle Summary: In this chapter Castle tells Kate how he feels towards her. Rating: T

Beckitt and Castle were sitting in the coffee room enjoying the coffee and chatting.

Wow, in the real world, we call that special room a BREAK ROOM.

They had just wrapped up the case for the night, and they were about ready to go home.

Lazy bums. They should be out hunting for their next case. Murders don’t get solved while you’re sipping coffee.

“Hey Beckitt do you think that we are friends?”

Probably not if you can’t spell BECKETT right. She even made a cute little way of spelling it in one of the episodes, B-E-C-K-E-double T.

“Yes Castle. We are friends.”

But not Facebook friends. Those are only for special people and ones you never talked to in high school but want to friend you now.

“Good. Do you think that we are good friends?”

Maybe special Myspace friends.  But who uses Myspace anymore except pedophiles and dirty old men?

Mock the Fic: Season 2

You all know I love guest mocks right?  Hey I like being entertained too. This one is from MysteryCastleFanFic 3000 who found  a fic that I only wish I had found first. Its bad folks. The author can’t spell our favorite HBIC’s name. And they call themselves a Castle fan? Well fear not, MysteryCastleFanFic 3000 will be taking care of all this and more for us. Strap on in folks!
Ohhhh. This was bad. Hilariously bad.  Nauseatingly bad.  Bad.  Let me know if you want to use it.  If you want to punch it up with more jokes feel free.  This is my first riffing of a badfic and I really was distracted by having to stop and laugh and laugh and laugh so many times. 

Stats: Title: Season2 Author: Noelle Summary: The attractive oposites Rating: M

Season2 by Noelle

Story Notes:
This is strongly adult rated.

Author’s Chapter Notes:

in this chapter bekkit and castle just can’t keep their hands off of eachother

Well, okay. But I think it’s gonna make driving a little awkward for them…

Becket had just got done wrapping up the days case when she noticed Castle was sitting by
her desk. He usually would have already gone home by now.

You know, I was wondering when they would wrap up that “days case”.  I can’t believe Dennis
Day and Doris Day had a murder suicide pact!

So why was he still here. She hesitated to sit down, but when she did he just looked at her

Yeah. The whole hesitating thing bums me out, too.  I mean, sit or not sit! Jeez.

“Hello Castle.” she said casually.


“You know that the case is done you can head home now if you’d like?”

“Yeah I know…..I just needed to talk to you first.”

“Ok…um…what’s this all about?”

“I needed to say goodbye.”

“What do you mean goodbye?”

It’s what polite people do before they part company, didn’t your mother teach–oh. Awkward.

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