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Mock the Fic Challenge: Time for Voting!

Time to vote on which mock you liked best!

Entries are from earlier this week if you need a refresher!  Vote early, vote often! Tell your friends, tell your family, hell tell your enemies! Voting closes Sunday night at 9pm Eastern.

What is your favorite Cliché in Castle Fanfic?

We know they all exist. We’ve seen them be repeated time and time again in bad Castle Fanfic. What is your favorite Cliché in Castle Fanfic?

What story should we mock next?

I always love it when people give me fics they think need mocking! Here is a few fics I have in my lineup for the next few days. Which one would you prefer to see mocked first?

Know a fic that needs to be mocked, or maybe you want to mock a fic? Send them to with the link and I will mock it, or with the mock inside the email and with the name you want to go by on the site.

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