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Mock the Fic: Castle Cullen

In the spirit of bad crossovers, I have a real humdinger for you. It’s a Castle/CSI NY/Twilight fic. No I am not joking. I bet you are thinking, “why didn’t I think of this first?” This is a fic that I was first told about by a member of Robotorgo, and when I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke. Sure it was mentioned from time to time, but no sign of it ever showing up. Till today, which was when I found it on the fanfic section.

Stats: Title:Castle Cullen Author: PrincessMidna Summary:She is a 21 year old adopted human, training to be a CSI; he is a 166 year old vampire, working as a personal trainer.  She knows little of her past; he knows as good as everything about his. Her parents died when she was a baby; his parents thought he died in the war. She has never fallen in love; neither has he. Then they met. Upon their first meet and first touch they feel the same; love. A feeling know yet completely unknown to the both of them.But what happens when someone from her past threatens to catch up with her? Will they be strong together, or will they be split; all alone, weak and easily destructible? Rating: M

Chapter 1 – The job offer

Oh goodie! I like job offers!

Yuuki’s POV


I was in the kitchen, rocking out to Three Days Grace whilst frying chicken for dinner.

Three Days Grace? That’s the best rockin band you could find?

Therefore I did not notice when my cell rang. My brother, Richard, however noticed it. He laid a hand on my shoulder, causing me to jump.

Brother Rick? Rick has a brother?

“Rick, you scared me! What was that for?”

“Your cell,” he answered and held it up in front of me, “is ringing. I don’t know who it is though…”


I turned off the music, and answered the phone.

“You’re talking to Yuuki, who is it?”

Yuuki? What was your parents smoking?

“Are you Yuuki Castle?”

Unless Castle’s Dad knocked up a Japanese woman, then your parents really wanted to torture you with your name.

“Yeah, I am. Who am I speaking to?”

“I am Detective Mac Taylor from the New York Crimelab. I’ve been going through your appliance, and I’m pleased to tell you I’ve got a job offer for you here with us.”

Your appliance? Do we submit microwaves now for resumes? Read the rest of this entry

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