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Mock the Fic: Runaway Dream part 2

This is part two of a two piece that just screams, mock me! Please mock me! To recap, its a lovely little story written by a 14 year old writer who pulls the biggest Mary Sue of all time and inserts herself into the story. Full of cliches and lol’s.  How could we not mock a story that starts out with a 14 year old becoming a detective?

Stats: Title:Runaway Dream Author: NinjaaGurl Summary: this started because of a dream i had.the main point is what would happen if a 14 year old was a homicide detective (BCF: 14 year old homicide detective? WTF?) Rating: T

Puke Bags: 1

Sporks to the eyes: 4


Please tell me this time its Montgomery’s pov. PLEASE!

I’ve been on the run for 3 whole days.

Damn, it’s not.

I’m cold and tired, and don’t even get me started on the rain. I swear, God must be pissed at me because it hasn’t stopped raining since I left.

I can assure you, yes, God is mad at you because you wrote a Mary Sue fic. God will smite thee for Mary Sue fics! Its part of the whole Ark of the Covenant thing.

I tried going home but the police were waiting to ambush me.


Damn Kate it’s like she knows my every move.

Kittens are dying with the lack of comma use. Read the rest of this entry

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