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Mock the Fic: Hating On The Writer

Not going to lie, I did jump to livejournal and found this one. Lots of euphemisms and bad parentheses are in this fic.

Title: Hating on the Writer Author: rosie1234 Summary: (who in there right mind can resist that smile of his, not this cop) Rating: PG 13

I hate him, him who is the nagging voice in the back of my head, hate him so much my gun is almost jumping into my hands.

Him who wrote this horrible fic, him who needs to find a beta reader.

But then he does something human (something unCastle like in ever single way) and for a moment my trigger fingers is put away but only for one single moment because then he’s back.

Is trigger finger a euphemism for something else she might be pulling of Castle’s?

“Hello, there, Niki Heat. Ready to kick crime’s ass?”

Nikki, with two K’s soshe can kick your ass, not crime’s ass.

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