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Mock the fic: Fake Left, Then Turn Right

Why has fanfic authors turned camping into the new Remys? Please tell me we are camping in the woods, with a beach that has sharks! Oh and this fic is also a song fic, so you know things are going to be totally awesome with lyrics! Note the sarcasm.

Stats: Title: Fake Left, Then Turn Right Author: SamIAm1212 Summary: Castle and Beckett head up North to the Adirondacks…to go camping. Starts with them driving to the campsite and will progress from there. I’m really bad at summaries. Rating: T


Hi! Pretty much like the summary says…Castle and Beckett go on a road trip!

Oh boy! It’s another camping trip! Camping is starting to become season 3’s cliché.

I don’t own Castle which is probably good; it’s amazing now I don’t wanna ruin it. (;

If you don’t want to ruin it, then maybe you shouldn’t write fanfic about it.

Just something that popped into my head while staring outside the window in algebra.

When you should have been paying attention.

Oh and this takes place in the summer, I know it’s winter now but while I love snow it just won’t stop up up here.

It won’t stop up up here? Are you expecting the snow clouds to be constipated or something?

It just SNOWS and SNOWS and it NEVER STOPS!

Well stop giving the clouds Miralax.

And I live in upstate New York and I go to the Adirondacks quite often and it would make no sense to go there any time but summer…well unless you want to freeze.


I tried to make this as clear as possible. But if by the end you are confused just leave a review and I’ll try to clear it up.

I’m lost reading this author note, I can’t imagine how the fic is going to be.

Richard Castle and Kate Beckett were going on a road trip.

Wow, where are the picture that this picture book is missing?

Yes, a road trip. To the Adirondacks…where they were going camping…for four days…because Castle said it would be “fun”.

I will not kill you for improper use of the ellipsis. I will not kill you when I could just smack you with a comma.

“Castle! I am almost one hundred percent positive that we are going the complete opposite direction that we’re supposed to be going,” a very annoyed Beckett told her partner.

Why is Beckett always annoyed? Why do authors make her in a continual PMS mood?

“No we are not! The GPS is NEVER wrong,” Rick defended himself.

Recalculating…Turn Around Now!

“No! It’s not! You wouldn’t know because we always have to take your crappy car.”

“We have to take the police vehicle when we’re going to arrest criminals! That’s how it works.”

What, you mean that the Porche isn’t good enough to transport criminals to jail?

“Yeah…but we could put a GPS in it.”

New York isn’t that big, you don’t need GPS when you’re a lifelong resident and cop. Read the rest of this entry

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