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Mock the Fic: The Closing Act

This is the first, and hopefully ONLY Glee/Castle crossover. If you don’t watch Glee, its okay because this author goes in full detail all about the show- and makes you want to spork your eyes out too.

Stats:The Closing Act Author: AussieNinjaChick Summary: Someone said MacBeth when the New Directions took a trip to perform in New York. Something goes horrible wrong and Det. Kate Beckett and her writer-monkey are called in. Rated T for now, but it could change. Cannon pairings mostly. Please R&R. Rating: T

Sporks to the Eyes: 1

My first real Castle/Glee cross over. A bit of understanding for both shows will help, but Castle’s the only one necessary.

Oh great, it’s going to be one fandom heavy. Since it’s a Castle/Glee crossover (notice crossover is one word, duh), does this mean someone murders Will Schuester after he attempts to rap one more time. The Boy can’t rap to save his life. The guy made Vanilla Ice look like Pavarotti.

Set after ‘Sectionals’ for Glee and ‘The Third Man’ for Castle.

Right… that works perfectly since Glee has no continuity. Are you sure this is a good idea to pair the two together? And please tell me the Ambiguously Gay Duo becomes a trio by adding Kirk.


Will Schuester, Spanish Teacher and Glee Club extraordinaire,

And let’s not forget reigning douche bag. And why is he Glee Club extraordinaire? Isn’t he just Glee Club leader?

walked through the corridors of McKinley High, heading for the room housing the school’s Glee Club, The New Directions. A large smile was plastered to his face as he held a plain white envelope excitedly in his hands.

Uh-oh. Looks like someone went on Maury and found out he was the newest member of the exclusive Baby Daddy club. Congrats Will. Sue will be so proud. Read the rest of this entry

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