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Mock the Fic: The girl with the green eyes

Wanted, someone who can translate this fic and make heads or tails of what is actually happening. Trust me, it’s a hard task that not everyone is cut out for. This fic made me weep and wish the rapture had come so I wouldn’t have had to read this fic. Really, you know it’s going to be bad when the author can’t even spell the main characters name correctly in the summary.

Title: The girl with the green eyes Author: TakeThatCuteness Summary: what happens when castles holding kates hand waiting for her to wake up from being shot, and a mysterius girl with green eyes apears in the hospital room how will castle take the story behind kate bekett? spoilers for the final. Rating: K

i do not own castle

And that is something we can all be thankful for.

Chapter one: The Death and Reunion.

I hope that the term reunion means a Zombie Montgomery coming back to eat brains.

Kate was ready for the day ahead of her working on papers at the office, with Rick castle studying her, he did not need to watch her do paper work but he insisted on the phone.

What? He did not need to watch her do paper work but he insisted on the phone? First, please capitalize Castle. I don’t know why here lately it’s so hard for fanfic authors to capitalize Castle’s name. Second, I have no clue what the hell is going on, let alone what time it is in the timeline. And I’m confused, where is she even at, home?

She pulled on her white shirt and blazer and headed out the door.

Well thankfully she didn’t walk out of the house naked.

The Rain was beating heavily against the pavement as Kate pulled out her umbrella and headed for the door,

I thought she was already out the door. How many doors does she have to go out?

pushing it open she stepped into the elavator

Elevator you spell check moron.

shakeing of raindrops from her umberella and pressing the button to the second floor.

It’s not hard to use spell check. Trust me, if you are too lazy to right click over the squiggly line, you can always hit the F7 button. It’s up on the top of your keyboard.

The Elavator door opend

Oh come on, it’s not hard to spell “opened.”

and she noticed Castle at his usual chair beside her desk, he looked upset and looking at the walked over to him

That makes no sense! “Looking at the walked over to him.” What the hell kind of sentence is this? I’m pretty sure my dog could write a better sentence. Read the rest of this entry

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