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Mock the Fic: Beilevable

Words cannot express how I feel about this fic. So thus I offer you a cup of mind bleach to drink at the end, and a toast to bad fics! Bottoms up!

Stats: Title: Beilevable Author: volleyballlove Summary: This is my first fic so plz review I know this is old stuff but i couldnt resist so give it a try What if castle was the best CIA agent? Will they beielve him? Does his family Know the hole Storry? Will kate find his past? sry bad at summarys an grammer Ratings: T

This is my first fic so I am open for reviews

I hope you are also open to mocks too. Oh and please learn how to spell since your title is misspelled.

I know this is old stuff but I couldn’t resist

Since when has Castle been old stuff?

but in this Castle is the best CIA agent.

Like totally the best CIA agent, ever!

Most don’t believe him but they soon will did his family even know the whole story?

Whoa, that sentence makes no sense. And how does his family not know that he’s in the CIA?

Will Beckett find out his past?

Well since you mentioned it, I’m sure she will find out. Can you say predictable?

DISCLAIMER: I sadly don’t own the castle series


Castle was heading up to the precinct with two cups of steaming coffee in his hands.

Hot Hot Hot.

It’s been a rough week he was thinking about the case they were working on and of course Kate and shlemming.

Dear Author, comma’s are your best friend. Oh and it’s Shlemming. Even if you are making fun of the character, you still capitalize his name.

Ever since Demming showed up no one listens to his theories he’s just ignored past off like some boring incapable person…

Ignored past off? What does that mean?


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