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Mock the Fic: He’s All Mine

I have no clue how to best explain this next fic. It’s a crossover between Bones and Castle, set during Sucker Punch. Only it’s as if Sucker Punch never happened. And I will warn you, this author will make a teacher cry.

Title: He’s All Mine Author: WhoAmI2010 Summary: This is a crossover with Bones/Castle.This is my version of Sucker Punch with the Bones crew since they did ran into the F.B.I…This also refers to a rivalry between Castle and Bones Rating: M

Part One

As Kate was going home after the wedding, she remember what Kyra had said.

You know, she said a lot in that episode.

“He’s all yours” and of course before than,

Before what?

“He only dedicates books to people he cares about..”

Or bases a character on, and what’s with the two periods?

As Kate was looking at the cover of the Nikki Heat book..

Again with the two periods! WTF?!

She knew that if Castle knew about her feelings that he may not let her hear the end of it.

And yet another Castle fanfic cliché making an appearance and rearing its ugly head.

So she made sure that he would never come to her house.

That would be good and all if she had a house. Read the rest of this entry

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