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Mock a Fic: What Should I get for you? Part One

BCF: We have another guest mocker! YAY! Introducing CastleFanFiction.

I was recently arrested after a high speed chase while I was high on methamphetamine. The judge gave me a suspended sentence pending community service. Said community service is to mock this fic. I agreed. Then I read the fic and begged the judge to un suspend my sentence and throw me in the hooskow for 30 days.

Now I bring you the wonderfully satisfying fic, oh, no wait, that’s the drugs talking. I will be commenting on a fic titled “What Should I get for You?” by WriterHorse32.

First off, garcon, CHECK PLEASE! If that’s going to be the title we are already off to a bad start. I’m just saying, and please take THIS as purely constructive criticism, don’t just randomly capitalize words. It’s all or nothing sweetheart.

And now, to the main event.

Stats: Title: What Should I get for You? Author: WriterHorse32 Summary: Castle and Beckett are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, but they don’t know what to get for each other. So they must text a very smart and romantic girl, but who is she? Please R&R will need better rating later on. Do not dial the number! Rating: K

He just couldn’t do it. Yet he knew he could ask for help.

Couldn’t do what? But then knew he could ask for help. I’m already confused.

Just then he remembered the ad in the New York Times for a service that gives advice on love and Valentine’s Day things.

How convenient he “remembered” this just in the nick of time! Why? Because he KNEW he could ask for help!

Valentine’s day things? Really? What are those things? For most people it’s like flowers and candy but things? I assume that this service is located in Down Town, NY?

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Mock the Fic: Tell Me Why You Left That Night

Oh Song fics, such a tool of the 90’s. And look, someone  is writing another one, and it begs to be mocked. I just couldn’t resist.

Stats: Tell Me Why You Left That Night Author: WriterHorse32 Summary: Castle is gone. Kate works at a club on Fridays. What will happen when she asks the simple question. Why did you leave that night? Rating: K+

Sporks to your eyes: 3

Puke Bags: 2

Kate was at the club she worked at on Fridays.

Since when has she worked at a club? Isn’t that a conflict of interest for her cop job?

She knew Espositio and Ryan wouldn’t like it and the captain would kill her,

Really? Really?

but ever since Castle left the night after his 2 ex-wives murders were solved that she didn’t care what they thought.

Wait, what? Castle’s wives were murdered? What?

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