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Mock the Fic Challenge: Crime in the Hamptons

Here is the first of the three challengers of the first ever Bad Castle Fic Mock Off. Our first mocker is a previous guest mocker: FicSlayerMcG. I will be posting the new one tomorrow, the final participant on Wednesday and mine on Thursday. Voiting will be conducted on Friday-Monday.

Stats: Title: Crime in the Hamptons Author: AEK7897 Summary: When Castle returns to his hotel room, he finds his ex-wife murdered. When he calls the police, who is to come but Detective Beckett. Rating: K

Author’s Chapter Notes:

First, Castle leaves his hotel room to go down to the beach for a little while, and write some more of his book.

What happened to his spacious Hamptons estate with a beach view and a pool good enough for suntanning naked?  Now that would be a story.

And do you really think he’d be able to get a lot of work done on the beach?  Come on, all those women in skimpy bikinis with all of those chests to be signed?

“Well Gina, I’m going down to beach to write some more or my book.

Write some more what or his book?  JONAS fanfiction?  I’ll read it, as long as the plot entails Joe and Kevin wigging out and beating the crap out of Nick for all his success outside of the Jonas Brothers.

Wanna come?

That’s what she said.

Besides, did he want to get some work done?  With a short attention span like his, he’d get more work done alone.

And according to the chapter notes, HE LEFT ALREADY.

No, I’m going to try and relax.

Is this conversation taking place in their minds?  According to the original formatting of this ‘fic’ (I use that term loosely), Castle’s having an inner monologue with himself.  Or they’re both Jedi.  You choose, BCF’ers.

Free hint:  It’s ‘try to’ instead of ‘try and.’

Relaxing in the same room as you is almost impossible. Read the rest of this entry

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