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Mock the Fic: Undercover part 2

I wish I had better news, but this fic just keeps continuing. I know you all are just dying to read the next chapter of this fic! I’ve decided that this has to be altverse Castle and Glee. That’s the only way to explain this crappiness and horrible characterization of this fic. Please let it end soon. Once again, you will want the brain bleach afterwords.

Stats: Title: Undercover Author:LuckyLaugher Summary: A serial killer is in Ohio and Kate Beckett has to catch the bastard before he killed someone. Rating: K

Chapter Two: To School

Kate woke up. She looked at the clock and saw that she had still an hour. She took a shower, got dressed and drank her coffee. It didn’t feel normal to have a house for her alone. It was time to go.

Doesn’t she live alone in an apartment? Only thing different about living in a house vs an apartment is you don’t have people above you stomping around. And how did the precinct afford to give her a house? Shouldn’t she be living in a no name motel?

When she arrived at the school, she was walking around when Emma bumped into her.

Don’t you have to check in at the office and get a badge these days? I know its been about ten years since I was last in high school, but even then I had to wear a badge and so did the faculty.

“You alright?” Emma asked.

“Yeah, you?” Kate asked the woman nodded.

Okay, I’m not a huge fan of Glee, I enjoy the show and all, but wouldn’t Emma have to go take a shower since someone touched her?

“Hi, I’m Be- Kate Beckett”

“Hi, then you are the new math teacher? I’m Emma Pillsbury the guidance counsellor.”

Wow, you might not be able to us punctuation, but you sure do know how to insert extra letters into the words.

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

I still don’t know what Kate Beckett being a cop means for her to be a math teacher.

“Yes, nice to meet you too. I think that I’m the one who will show you around until you really start. I think it was Monday.”

Okay here is a free English lesson for this author: “was” designates it as something that has happened. So if it hasn’t happed yet, then don’t use was.

“Yeah, I start Monday.”

“Now let’s put your stuff in my office.”

What kind of stuff does she have? Has she already gone out and purchased a “Worlds Best Teacher” mug already? Read the rest of this entry

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