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Mock the Fic: Death in LA

I know I’ve mocked some crossover fics before, but this one is a crossover that left my brain hurting. It’s the fandom pairing that is going to eat my brain. So I give you, Hannah Montana and Castle crossover. I have no working knowledge of Hannah Montana other than a few episodes and the movie, so I’m pretty much going into this blind, just like you.

Stats: Title:Death in LA Author: MileyLoonaticsFan96 Summary: When Hannah joins a sitcom and Castle, Beckett, Alexis, Ryan, and Esposito, go to LA for winter break, Hannah’s co-stars start turning up dead and Castle and Beckett dive into the case… Rating: K+

Death in LA

Oh goodie! How are we ever going to get our Castle friends over to LA?

OK, this takes place during the third season of Castle and shortly after “It’s the End of the Jake as We Know It” (assuming said episode took place around Christmastime).

Okay, sorry but I don’t remember that episode of Castle. Did iTunes forget to download an episode again? Is this maybe a Hannah Montana episode?

Chapter 1: Vacation’s Not What I Wanted

Well I sure want one.

Alexis Castle was the first one up at her place.

So she has her own place now?

She yawned as she walked down the stairs in her pajamas, brushing her bright red hair along the way. Finally, she came to the bottom floor of the apartment and walked into the kitchen. No one else was up. She looked around. Nobody there. She smiled, mischievously… She laid her brush down on the island and opened the fridge. She yanked out the chocolate milk carton and started drinking right out of it.

I would say ewe, but I’m sure it’s something Castle would do himself.

“Alexis, have you seen my—WHOA!” Her father, Richard Castle, had just come down the stairs and seen her crazy breakfast antics.

And seen her? Wow, use grammar much?

Alexis quickly put the carton back and faced him.

“Great, now I have to go get more!”

Why are you so upset Castle? Couldn’t christen the milk bottle yourself?

Alexis closed the fridge. “I’m sorry! I didn’t—”

“Hey, don’t worry about me. It’s your grandma I’m worried about.”

Nah she won’t mind unless it’s in regards to a glass of wine or martini.

Alexis smiled.

“Is someone talking about me?” asked Castle’s mom, Martha, as she came down the stairs.

Please let her have the wine glass in hand.

“Actually, yes,” said Castle, “I was wondering if you could watch Alexis for a few days.”

Does she really need a babysitter at this age? Read the rest of this entry

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