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Mock the Fic: Forgot part 3

Just when you think this fic is dead, it comes back bucking. To recap, Beckett gets herself piss drunk at a bar, meets a guy who drugs her, she tries to escape and calls Castle and he tries to rescue her. Remember now? Dontcha wish you could forget?

Stats:  Title: Forget Author: caskett4eva Summary: Set after season 2 finale. Beckett goes to a club to make herself feel better, but a guy she meets spikes her drink. She calls Castle for help whilst trying to get away from him. Can Castle somehow get to her before something happens to her? Rating: T

Here’s the next chapter.

Is it a lot to ask for that I was hoping this fic was just going to die? I guess I’m not that lucky.

“No.. No” she kept mumbling.

No…no. I wish the author would learn the proper way of using the period.

Then everything went black. But she only blacked out for a minute or two because she woke up in the alley.

Wow! I hate it when I black out for three minutes, that’s the worst!

When her eyes finally focused she noticed that the guy was straddling her and he was holding a knife

“Get off me” she said

Wow, that would be more effective if you used punctuation marks. And isn’t she drunk and drugged?

“No” he replied. “I’m going to have some.. fun with you first” he smirked

Dude! Seriously! Learn how to use the frakin period!

Then, with one hand holding her hands above her head, he used the knife to cut down her dress, but he only made a small cut when she starting yelling out.

Wait, he cut down her dress with a small cut? How skimpy of a dress is she wearing?

“Get off me you son of a-” he cut her off by slashing the knife on her arm. Beckett screamed out in pain.

Because he wanted to cut more but her dress was so skimpy that he decided to continue on her arm?

The cut was pretty deep and if she didn’t get some help soon, she’d probably end up bleeding to death.

From a cut on her arm? Read the rest of this entry

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