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Mock the Fic: Mommytobe Part 2

Happy Tuesday, how about part two of a baby fic! YAY! Lets have some more unwanted pregnancies, some 15 year old drama, and some horrible grammar.

Stats: Title: Mommytobe AuthorNikkiHeatLuver Summary: When she broke up with Demming, she thought she was done with him, but now it’s revealed that she’s never going to forget him. How will her news mess up her dating Castle. Spoiler For Season 3 Rating: T

i’m sooooooooo sorry for the wait but here i go

Yes, nothing says sorry like adding a bunch of o’s to so, and not capitalizing the I.

🙂 the lyrics are Angel’s Lullaby by Reba McEntire

Oh holy hell, this is a song fic?

Beckett looked at her boyfriend’s hand resting on top of her own, trying to avoid eye connect with him. “Not here, not now.” Castle took his right hand and tilted her head up to look at him.

Wait, what just happened? Oh that’s right, she’s preggers with Demmings bastard kid and she’s dating Castle. Awkward.

“Right here, right now.” Beckett sighed.

Demanding aren’t we?

“Rick, i can’t ,” She said, tears starting to welled up in her eyes again.

I’m sure this would be more dramatic if you had capitalize the “I” in that sentence! And I highly doubt if our favorite HBIC would be crying like this in a diner. Read the rest of this entry

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