Welcome To Bad Castle Fic!

Welcome to Bad Castle Fic. Where we make reading bad Castle fanfic much more bearable.

We have all been there. Cruising around Fanfiction.net and you come across a story that just intrigues you. You have such high hopes for it from the summary and then you read it and it leaves you feeling as if someone took a spork and dug your brain out, and you could only wish you could forget what you just imagined. Have no fear, we will make everything better by mocking said bad fic.

Know a story you want us to mock, feel free to drop us a line with the link to the story at badcastlefic@gmail.com.

Now on to the Mocks!

  1. Thank you for bringing the great gift of laughter into my day. This blog is AWESOME.

  2. I love this site so much! It’s freaking awesome. (And yes, you mocked one of my fics, but I still find this place hilarious.)

  3. This site is hilarious! Actually, if you’ve written any fics of your own, I’d love to read one.

  4. You used the wrong “your” at the top of the site. It’s “YOU’RE,” dumbass. For someone who prides themselves on being a Grammar Nazi/snarky bitch for anything that you deem unprofessional or bad in a fic, you should really be more careful about that. Don’t get mad about this comment, by the way. Have a sense of humor about it.

    Don’t delete it either, or I’ll put you on the wall of shame so everyone knows you can’t take a joke (OH NOOO)

    • Are you talking about right here? -> “You have such high hopes for it from the summary and then you read it and it leaves you feeling as if someone took a spork and dug YOUR brain out, and you could only wish you could forget what you just imagined.”

      Think about that sentence as you propose, with you’re. (Remember, you’re means YOU ARE). -> “You have such high hopes for it from the summary and then you read it and it leaves you feeling as if someone took a spork and dug YOU ARE brain out, and you could only wish you could forget what you just imagined.”

      Now, does that make sense?
      This might make it easier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contraction_%28grammar%29#English

  5. I really like what you’re providing here. Keep posting that way. Take care!

  6. I work midnights and I have a bunch of downtime. One windy night, (tonight) fanfiction.net was down and I googled “Castle fanfiction”. Best. Move. Ever. I recognize some of the fics you mocked as fics I didn’t even bother reading because of how bad the summaries were. But THANK YOU for bringing them into my life and turning my brain to goo! (In a good way)

  7. Hey, that post leaves me feleing foolish. Kudos to you!

  8. Your mocks? Boring and repetitive. Also, they’re very immature for someone in their late twenties. Try writing a fic before mocking another one. You have a user on fanfiction, so use it!

  9. Actually, I’m not trolling, I’m voicing my opinion, which I have the right to do. It’s funny since you’re reacting the same way an author does when they get a negative review. Ironic isn’t it?

    • And she was telling you to have a nice day.

      It’s hilarious, because we wouldn’t be mocking these authors if they just took some TIME with their work. Or payed attention in school.

      How hard is it to put a piece of writing through a spelling and grammar check on Microsoft Word? How hard is it to send an e-mail to a friend and say “Hey, can you read this for me?”

      More importantly, just how hard is it to come up with a decent plot? Are we supposed to believe that Kate Beckett would stay in a relationship with Demming if he started beating her? Or, like in another story, and we supposed to believe that Nikki Heat is basically a sex-crazed shell of a woman?

      The characters on Castle have been crafted to be strong, well-rounded people. FF writers writing them any differently is just a disservice.

  10. “And she was telling you to have a nice day” Yeah, nice sarcasm, but that won’t stop me for posting here. She’s covered by the Fair Use Doctrine, I’m covered by free speech.

    It’s funny, since badcastlefic stopped mocking the abusive Demmiing story after four chapters, there’s eight more chapters after that. Also, half the stories this girl is mocking break fanfiction’s guidelines and need to be reported. Which is why I reported The Nikki Heat story. Mocking here is pointless if you want the author to improve. Why? Because the author is unwaware of the mocking, which is a cowardly move on the bloggers part. The former story did not have many grammatical or spelling errors, it was more plot problem after the fourth chapter. The Nikki Heat one is just bad in general.

    You need to realize that not everyone is going to zap their friends an e-mail asking them to look over their story. They either A) don’t have the time to or B) or too shy to tell their friends they’re writing stories, since fanfiction is mainly anoymous. Also, I have seen fics that are a lot worse than what is mocked here.

    Yeah, the characters are well-rounded, and most authors keep them that way. It’s rare that you get an actual total character screw up in the fandom, but it still happens.

  11. I didn’t ignore what you said, dearie. I answered your questions with the obvious answers. The reasoning for this site is poor and a forum on fanfiction who used to be just like you think so as well. One of the members think you’ll grow out of it, but it would take a miracle for that to happen.

  12. I should be studying right now but THIS IS SO FANTASTIC. I’m crying with laughter.
    “Don’t ever stop!”

  13. If people would just take a step back and actually put work into their stories we would not have this website! However, people insist on churning out stories with little plot and little effort. I know Fanfiction is not about who is the next Pulitzer Prize winner, but come on. Really, an incest story about Alexis and her Father? We’ve all made mistakes writing fanfiction but my lord some of this makes me want to cry. At least we have these mocks now!

  14. You can also tell the authors what they’re doing wrong. It’s better to leave a review that cites what the problem is and what the author should do about it, instead of complaining about it on a blog that the author will most likely never see. The mocks make it fun,yes, but it does nothing to help the author improve unless the author is told they’re being mocked. Poeple have left critiques that are hundreds of words long and they help.The incest story should have been reported, since it violates Fanfiction’s guidelines.

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