Who is BadCastleFic?

You maybe asking yourself, who is BadCastleFic? BadCastleFic is a late twenty-something Castle fan who has been watching the show since day one. She remembers after watching the pilot episode that she couldn’t wait for the fanfic to come out. Boy was that a mistake. She actually waited till the finale of season 1 before she ventured over to fanfiction.net, and since then, she has wished she could spork her eyes out, and has had to suck up to every airline company in order to get a lifetime supply of puke bags. Of course not all fics are bad, there are some great authors and stories out there, but for every great story there is at least three more that are mock worthy. After a drunken night complaining in an “Elite” Castle fan chatroom Robotorgo, she decided to create BadCastleFic, and the rest is history. With help from the fans of Robotorgo, she mocks the bad, atrocious Castle fanfics.

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  1. Just to let you know, this weekend (rather than doing something productive, like watching 300 hours of “Lost” on U-tube in 3 minute segments, I decided to read the very first entries posted to FanFiction under “Castle”.

    Just a suggestion to others who don’t want to have to go through the hassle of washing two small albeit very furry dogs. An unintentionally humorous way to blow a couple of hours.

    Yeah, I write fanfiction also – but not under my primary nickname. Some of the stuff I read is terrific – other, not so. But, I’m determined to read it all (can I procrastinate, or can I procrastinate?)

  2. I just did not spend half an hour checking whether my story is here. Nah!
    By the way, I think BadCastleFic is an awesome site and several times I have read a fic I wish I had skipped.

  3. Just let me tell you that i love you! I really do.
    I thought I was the only one to find that some fics really sucked but i can see that i’m not. You just say what everyone else think and we needed that! I spend hours reading all your reviews and I’m always rofl. You’re so funny and i sometimes only read your comments and skip the fic.
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing; it’s great. And I really hope I won’t see one of my fics in here; that would be awkward.
    Also, forgive my english; this isn’t my first language.
    Again, thank you for making these awful fics a little more enjoyable to read!

  4. Hey, sulbte must be your middle name. Great post!

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